Teach the Concept

We need to teach the concept and not just the skill! Why do we need to teach the concept? What

Stalder / Cast Handstand Drill

@coach_log Says – Jump to handstand station that can be used for cast handstands and stalders. It’s common for gymnasts

Tap Swing / Flyaway Work

Tap swings and flyaway timers are incredibly important for building long-term quality dismounts. It is our job to create an

Coach/Partner Assisted Shape Changes

Coach or Partner assisted shape changes are a good way to help athletes understand the large movements that many skills

Standing Dive Rolls – Front Flipping Prep

One of my favorite front tumbling drills… Standing Dive Rolls! The goal here is to get the legs lifting and

Vault Timers with Arms Up – Focused on Rotation

Coach Ian Campbell said he has been really enjoying this vault timer variation. The goal is to be be able

Best Darn Gymnastics’ Original Song Parody – “Ode to Produnova” on Gymcastic Podcast!

Are you a fan of the Gymcastic Podcast? Did you hear the Outro for the 10th Anniversary Episode that just

Tap Swings w/Shoulder Support

This is probably one of the most important and complete posts and explanations we’ve ever put up!!! Shilese is an

90 Degree Planche Outs

Put this exercise in your workouts now! 90 degree planche outs are a great way to develop overhead shoulder strength!

Toe Point Drill

Toe point is crucial for creating a beautiful line in gymnastics. Flexed feet draw the eye and create deductions in