A high level working camp with top tier college coaches as the clinicians.

It is impractical and difficult to travel to a number of different camps at each university that might interest you. This is an opportunity to get massive exposure in one place! You will get the chance to work with 16 college coaches to help your visibility, but also determine style and personality fit.

This year we hosted 34 universities (a few less than originally advertised as some of our prior commitments dealt with travel expenses and budgetary restrictions). Almost every coach walking out the door made mention that this was in fact, the Best Darn College Camp in the country.

Our sincerest thank you goes out to all of the universities and coaches that have supported us these past two years. And another sincere thanks goes to all of the amazing athletes that came, worked hard, showed stellar gymnastics and ultimately filled our home gym (Ascend Gymnastics) with incredible energy and enthusiasm.

Best Darn Uneven Bars Coaches Clinic

As coaches, we all know that coaching Uneven Bars is a totally different animal than the other three events. Enrique Trabanino and Brett Wargo have teamed up to create an incredible learning experience for coaches wanting to learn more about all things Uneven Bars. There are two tracks that you can choose from depending on what you need to learn the most. The Developmental Track will cover the impactful and valuable skills that set the table for your upper level bars development (kips, casts, circles, giants, etc.). The Advanced Track will cover your major level 9-10 skills that separate the top level athletes from the rest of the pack (high to low releases, low to highs, single bar releases, dismounts). Either track you choose, you will learn progressions, technique, spotting, planning, etc. so you can take your bars coaching to the next level!

Click on the Link below and check out how you can upgrade yourself the athletes you work with!

Womentum Coaching Workshops

Join Sarah Korngold and Cleo Washington for an incredible weekend of learning! We are currently offering workshops in Washington and Pennsylvania.

Womentum will focus on equipping coaches with the tools to excel in spotting, and explore creative approaches to get the job done. We firmly believe that successful coaching is not solely dependent on physical strength; it’s about knowledge, technique, and passion. We will demonstrate that proper progressions and innovative methods can empower coaches of all body types to successfully guide and support their athletes. Join us as we celebrate the strength and creativity of women in coaching and unlock the limitless possibilities for your journey.



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