90 Degree Planche Outs

Put this exercise in your workouts now!

90 degree planche outs are a great way to develop overhead shoulder strength! I know I don’t want to simply spot 500 casts a day… but they have to develop that strength and technique of the top range of motion somehow.
These Planche outs are wonderful for helping develop the push, shoulder shaping, general body tension, etc. Be warned, you do need to coach this station actively at the outset!
This should not be done by pulling in the hamstrings and glutes, but by pushing the shoulders open. Athletes can turn hands sideways, facing out, if they want to take some of the compression off the wrists at the bottom. Many kids will push their shoulders open past the true handstand line, so they must be taught where the true vertical is and how it feels to maintain a proper hollow shoulders and chest in that vertical position.

Hope these help you and your athletes create their Best Darn Gymnastics!