Introducing the Porcupine Pad!

Calling all bars coaches! Here’s your “Gotta have it!” product of the summer … the Porcupine Pad!

These pads are great for creating confidence to maximize the dynamics of a giant swing both forwards and backwards. They create a tactile feel for your gymnasts to understand where their feet are in relation to the bar. If they pike too much and create an inefficient swing, this gives them a target and a focus. Make sure they touch their toes through the bristles on each giant. It is also great for those kids that accidentally start to get early on their taps. Have them feel the bristles before initiating the opening of the hips.

Great for beginner tap swings, great for creating the habit of max extension through swings, great for giving the confidence to work their best toe point past the bar.

Thanks Tumbl Trak for helping to make Brett Wargo’s vision a reality!

Check out Nicole Langevin’s podcast, What Makes You Think. The audio in this clip is from a recent episode — we appreciate the shout out!

We expect a more polished promotional video should be available soon, but we’re so excited, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

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