Enjoy the Journey

This month, we want to focus on helping your gymnasts learn to “Enjoy the Journey.” In the middle of competition

One Perfect Contest

One Perfect Contest I am not a “basketball player…” Though at one time in my life I tried to be,

Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development The 5 Cs of Conscious Coaching Article Written by Logan Hursh   I want you to remove

Finding Confidence for Meet Season

It’s meet season.. and you know what that means. Meet season arrives and with it, gymnasts who start dealing with

Knowing is Half the Battle?

Knowing is Half the Battle?   In the words of the once-popular GI JOE slogan… “Knowing is half the battle.”

Write a Personal Mission Statement

Write a Personal Mission Statement!   There is a reason that we all started coaching… We backed into it (got

The Grind!

There is no substitute for quality repetition when it comes to creating competitive success!  You must embrace The Grind! No

Pennies in the Bank

Depositing Pennies in the Bank Our coaching staff talks about the importance of depositing pennies in the bank daily. In

Brett Wargo on Nicole Langevin’s Podcast “What Makes You Think…”

Brett had the chance to sit down with Nicole Langevin on her podcast “What Makes You Think…”  They talk Porcupine

Sarah Korngold on What Makes You Think Podcast

Sarah Korngold sat down with Nicole Langevin on her What Makes You Think Podcast.  As always, she shares some wonderful