Vault Board Intro for the Yurchenko

Vault Board introduction for beginning Yurchenko work! So you work all the cartwheel step ins and roundoff turnover work for floor… We have to introduce the hand mat and board into the equation at some point. This is a great starter drill to work the spacing and turnover shapes and timing of the finish of coil before the opening of the body position.

You will notice that these athletes are using different foot placement and hand placement on the drill. The last athlete is TINY… so she steps on the hand mat and actually places her hands on the front of the board so that she finishes her feet a little closer to the resi. As your athletes adds speed coming down the runway, she will not need to place the hands on the board, buuuuuut until the action and speed and technique mature, don’t rush to back her up. Keep her in a position to do the right actions, and then slowly advance the spacing as she advances her competence.

Hope this helps you and your athletes create their Best Darn Gymnastics!