Geinger Preparation including drill, spot, and desired technique

Here is a great little starter Geinger drill paired with a spotted Geinger to show the technical cues and priorities in learning. Watch the release and working the hollow flip shape up to vertical. The top of the skill looks like a Cruise on trampoline. The eyes go towards the twist shoulder and the arms come all the way to the legs. Only once the gymnast spots the bar, do they extend to try and catch it.

Big factor is waiting for the eyes before reaching. If they get the hands away too early and reach past the bar, it is very hard to pull the hands back to the bar and get quality pressure. Late reach and push from behind the bar is the most successful technique.

The spotting piece is just for example and knowledge. Some may want to spot this way, some may not. I am generally just giving the example and the overall technique that we think creates optimal success on the skill.

Hope this helps you and your athletes create their Best Darn Gymnastics!