Bail/ Overshoot Drill with Inversion Cuffs

Not long ago, I promised I would share this Bail/Overshoot drill using the @tumbltrak Inversion Cuffs.

This drill is specifically to work open the mechanics of the catch of the bail. I specifically teach to handstand right away and so we must work on the catch and be very specific about it so as to make the skill as safe as possible in the learning stages.

Goal is to hit the hands on the edge of the block as if it were a bar. I want the shoulders rounded and the hands contacting prior to the vertical handstand. Something must stop the force of the flight direction and rotation when the hands get to the bar. It is easiest to do so by hitting just shy of the handstand with the body position and shoulders and then pressing the bar down to create the handstand extension. This action helps the athlete absorb the bar to the handstand and not simply try to snag a perfect vertical lock out (which is nigh impossible).

Hope this helps you and your athletes create their Best Darn Gymnastics!