SOUND ON!!!! Are you ready to take on the #shicanflyhandstandchallenge ?!? Watch the video and follow the steps! 1. Like, share and

Vault FHS Blocking Drill

This drill is an all-time favorite!!!!! Teaches athletes how to come in low and focus on blocking pre-vertical. The rebound

Multi-Purpose Bars Drill for Pressure, Shaping and Leg Tension

Multi-Purpose Bars Drill for Pressure, Shaping and Leg Tension This is a cool and creative drill from Enrique Trabanino of

Toe Handstand – Timing and Shaping Drill

Toe Handstand – Timing and Shaping Drill Great drill for working Toe Handstands! You can see that this drill is

The Grind!

There is no substitute for quality repetition when it comes to creating competitive success!  You must embrace The Grind! No

BHS Tension Bounces

BHS Tension Bounces Back Handspring Tension Bounces are simply trying to give the gymnast feedback on their body tension through

Clearhip Bounce Levering Drill

Clearhip Bounce Levering Drill This bounce levering drill is a cool way to work the inversion to candle. The spotters

Knee Hop Hurdle Drill

Knee Hop Hurdle Drill The purpose here is creating balance and power through a hurdle. We encourage arms stacked on

Pennies in the Bank

Depositing Pennies in the Bank Our coaching staff talks about the importance of depositing pennies in the bank daily. In

Pirouettes with the Perfect Placement Bar

The @tumbltrak Perfect Placement Floor Bar is an awesome tool for athletes learning pirouettes! In this video, I asked the