Brett Wargo on Nicole Langevin’s Podcast “What Makes You Think…”

Brett had the chance to sit down with Nicole Langevin on her podcast “What Makes You Think…”  They talk Porcupine

Bungee Trainer Handstands and Pirouettes

Great Drill to encourage a quick hand change and pirouette! I love this station because it gives the gymnast easy

Roundoff Turnover Drill

Great little roundoff drill from @coach_ian ! You can see the mountain climber, arms are actually pulling the band up

3/4 Giants on Strap Bar

Reminder that 3/4 giants (hollow over the top – no extension to vertical) are just Darn Pretty!!!! This is just

Using the T-Trainer for Bar Circles

Using the @tumbltrak T-Trainer for working bar circles is a great way to get more reps in quickly. The athlete

Cartwheel Step-ins with Foam Blocks for Alignment

This set-up with foam blocks offers some great feedback to your gymnasts. You will see this athlete brings her first(left)

Tumbl Trak Bounces for Tension and Coordination of Twisting

These Tumbl Trak bounces and rolls are to work the body tension and coordination of the body movements through a

Front Layouts over/between Blocks

Thanks @batohaarlem for posting this recently! We particularly liked that the athletes weren’t using the blocks to support the shoulders

Tucked Handstand Training

The tucked handstand is a great way to work on rounded chest and shoulders. It helps avoid the over extending

Using the Toe Circle to teach Giant Shaping/ Shift

Goals: Training the wrist shift, rounded upper body position, spotting the back of the head to keep it still and