Fun Twisting Introduction Drill

This is a fun and cool way to introduce the mechanics of twisting to your kids coming up in your

Beam Turn Drills

Here is one minutes worth of some great beam turn drills and progressions! Watch all the way through! Thanks Natia

Beam Dismounts: Part 4

Lindsey Stancil of @xquisiteteam brings us one more sequence for Beam Dismount preps and progressions. This is Part 4 of

Kipping with Ankles to the Bar

This one might seem obvious… or maybe not! We teach our athletes to put their ankles/toes to the bar for

Quarter Turn Levers – Cartwheel Drill

Build better cartwheels with these two movements. The first exercise is a back lever + quarter turn. This exercise strengthens

Banded Body Tension Station

Thanks to Nastia Motuzok and @lagoldgymnastics for sharing this great body tension drill with us. Strength training and conditioning is

Yurchenko Vault Circuit (2)

Great vault circuit to hit the different phases of the Yurchenko vault development process. Main focuses on this circuit are:

Pullover Taps for Giant Shaping and Dismount Prep

In the words of Coach Aaron MacIntyre of @advantage_gymnastics_academy … I do this technique/drill with the girls so they understand

Beam Dismounts Part 3

This is Part 3 of Lindsey Stancil’s Beam Dismount Series!!! Go check out 1 and 2 if you have not

Physics Example for Casting on Bars

As coaches, we are always looking for ways to help athletes understand the more complicated physics, biomechanics, angles, timing, etc.